What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform which allows content creators to post content and receive payment directly from their followers, or “fans” via subscriptions or one-off tips. It was founded 2016 and has around 40 million registered users and around 450,000 content creators.

In fact, OnlyFans is so popular that Beyoncé name-checked the site in May 2020, prompting a 15 percent uptick in traffic to the site.

The company says that creators with 5,000 followers can earn between $500 and $5000 a month. The platform does take a 20 per cent cut of any earnings, however it says it has paid out over $800 million to creators.

Since the global crisis hit, according to Vice, the platform has reported more than a 75 percent increase in new sign-ups for the month of April and has gained around 150,000 new users every 24 hours, due to, most likely, a combination of boredom and an attempt to make some extra cash.

What is OnlyFans used for?

Anyone can sign up to OnlyFans, and all content is welcome and ranges from clean to filthy – because technically it’s a general app and not exclusive to people who work in porn. It’s also used by fitness bloggers, dieticians and more.

It has, however, because very useful for people offering adult entertainment, from cam girls, adult models to porn creators and porn stars. (And reality TV people who want to make extra cash by sharing revealing snaps.)

“As far as we’re concerned, if you use social media and produce your own content, you should be using OnlyFans,” its website says.

“Whether you’re uploading tutorials, tips, behind-the-scenes footage or just endless selfies, a lot of your followers would be willing to pay for them.”